Modern Minimalism (Was: Future Computing Trends)

From: Mike Allison <>
Date: Fri Feb 27 12:39:08 1998

The only REAL problem with ELKS is that it's still very infant.
C/PM-68k is a very mature product and was designed for the type of small
systems that ELKS is now a "work around" for. It would be, as Roger
says, better in the long run to fix those portions of C/PM which can now
be optimised for modernity, rather than _just_ look at an experimental
port. Most of the questions ELKS must now answer, as a UNIX clone, have
been answered in CPM as a stand alone solution. Plus there's a boat
load of free programs.

BTW - Roger,
Where are you at? I'm in Ogden...
You're not related to Joni are you?

(Everyone in Utah is related ; - } )


Roger Ivie wrote:
> > I think Linux is the best choice to enable latter day retrocomputing.
> > Check out the ELKS project to put Linux on machines with very limited
> > resources:
> On the other hand, CP/M-68K is available from
> A lot of it is written in C; with some work, it can be modernized and
> updated. What could be more retro than building the ability to port
> CP/M to anything with a C compiler?
> Roger Ivie
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