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From: Larry Anderson & Diane Hare <>
Date: Fri Feb 27 12:13:57 1998

From: "Lawrence Walker" <>
Subject: Re: TRS-80 Questions

On 24 Feb 98 at 21:27, Tony Duell wrote:

>> > 2. Included with a TRS CoCo 1 I picked up last summer was
>> > an adapter plugged into the cass.port. a label "TotalCommunications"
>> > on one side and "Telelearning" on the other. Into this was plugged
>> > another M/M adapter labelled " RS232 Gender Changer" Was this for
>> > hooking up a fdd and/or modem ?
>> My guess, and it's only a guess is that this is some kind of kludge to
>> allow you to CLOAD (and maybe CSAVE) programs to/from an RS232 device. It
>> may have been part of one of those classroom 'networks' where the teacher
>> loaded a program onto his machine, all the pupils typed CLOAD, the
>> teacher typed CSAVE and the program was downloaded onto all the pupils'
>> machines.
> Now that seems like it has possibilities . And it takes up so
>little room !

  It is more than likely a modem or parts to one. On the Commodore 64
the Total Telecommunications Modems are very well known (because they
were VERY cheap and good quality Commodore 1650 clone direct-connect
auto-answer 300 baud modem) I ran my BBS on one for years..

  My assumtion is that the Telelearning project (which, from my book,
looks like a Compuserve, Q-Link or similar on-line network geared for
education) failed miserably and all the modem/software packs were sold
at pennies to the dollar.

  I thought there were just Total Telecomm modems out there.... I
wonder what other computers that made modems for.

                  Larry Anderson
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