Wanted stuff (Was: Re: Pretty good week)

From: Max Eskin <maxeskin_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Fri Feb 27 13:37:13 1998

I live in Massachussetts. We have plenty of mediocre PCs, half the time
I don't bother. I see mostly XTs at thrift stores, recently I saw a
Compaq Portable. I didn't bother with a Mac 512K, and missed out on an
SE and LC. If any of you see any machines that are not too big, please
ship them to me. I will pay shipping and a few bucks extra. I am
interested in most non-PC or Mac stuff. On my wanted list are:
-Any model Amiga
-A Commodore 64,128,128D (I have all the stuff for the 64 except the
actual unit. I even have a PSU)
-A SMALL Unix station, including NeXT
-Portables, PC or Z80
-Not sure how big a MicroVAX is, but if it is what the name implies
(wasn't it just a tower?), then by all means
-Maybe a CoCo if it has a disk drive
I know most of this stuff isn't much to you people, but I wouldn't mind
them :)
>so many that I have to pick and choose. I left behind 4 AT&T 3B2s, a
>NeXt, an AT&T 6300, 2 HP Appollos and 2 HP 9000/300s yesterday. All
>of that was at a GSA auction at KSC. I did get a COMPLETE Commodeore
>Pet set and a Vax Station 3100 for Zane.

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