Wanted stuff (Was: Re: Pretty good week)

From: John Ruschmeyer <jruschme_at_exit109.com>
Date: Fri Feb 27 15:11:22 1998

Well, since we're posting want lists... :)
NOTE: none of this is particularly difficult to find; it's just that when I
see people like J.P. find them for next to nothing, it makes me want to ask
people to keep their eyes open as opposed to paying dealer prices.

Desperate/Immediate wants:

        -Sun S-BUS color video card
         (I finally get the Sparc 2 up, and a week later the CGSIX (GX) dies.)

        -Replacement plastics for the screen of an NCR 3170 (Safari SSL/25)

Like to find:

        -Cheap Mac ADB mice (two) and ADB keyboard.
        -Memory upgrade for Zenith SuperSPORT 286e
        -4MB PAL SIMMS for Mac IIx

Wish list stuff:

        -Macintosh Portable
        -Apple //gs
        -Kaypro 10 (or, at least the board set to convert a K-1)
        -Ampro LittleBoard (SCSI model, if possible)
        -Orange Micro 386 NuBUS card

FWIW, I'm in NJ. Will reimburse for costs and shipping.

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