Wanted stuff (Was: Pretty good week)

From: lisard_at_zetnet.co.uk <(lisard_at_zetnet.co.uk)>
Date: Fri Feb 27 15:32:52 1998

ah, if we're going to get on to the "what do i wish for?" list...

miracle qxl card. (but a friend at work has promised us a sack of ql
pieces, so that shouldn't be a problem)

a perq. any perq. please, PLEASE!!!...

any system based on the 32xxx (a ceres would be nice, but we doubt
they're available...)

an original archimedes, with the original arthur os and the gui in basic

a dg nova

a perq

a novix card for pc, or a metaforth board

a linn rekursiv (wouldn't you? ;> )

one of the two machines we know about that ever used a z8000 (olivetti
m20 or onyx..?)

a perq

an original cp/m system or three (hm systems; the minstrel always

any really weird 70s mini (small honeywell machine, perhaps? tony duell
speaks highly of the philips p850...? maybe an icl thingy...?) - must be
nice to put forth on, though

oh, did we mention that if someone would provide us with a perq at
reasonable cost and proximity to bradford, we would be quite delighted
and mount a one-person campaign to get him or her canonised?

-- Communa (together) we remember... we'll see you falling
you know soft spoken changes nothing to sing within her...

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