Pretty good week

From: John Rollins <>
Date: Fri Feb 27 22:49:12 1998

>Here, take my 10 year old copy of Minix. BTW, is anybody up to speed on
>the current state of Minix? I have an itch to run *ix on a 128K 8086 box,
>and it doesn't look like ELKS is ready for prime time.
Well, I'm definitley not a Minix junkie, I haven't even had time to get
around to putting it on one of my 8088's, but I think the current version
is 2.0, which I think will run on an 8086/88 if you have enough disk space
and a way to get all that stuff onto the drive. You would probably want a
286 to do anything with 2.0. For some strange reason, I downloaded Minix
1.1 to install(probably because it will fit on a bunch of 360k disks, but
1.1 doesn't do much, everyone told me to use 1.5). Try checking out the
comp.os.minix newsgroup.
BTW, is a real address? Sounds funny to me...

-JR - Computers - Star Trek
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