Wanted stuff (Was: Pretty good week)

From: John Rollins <rexstout_at_ptld.uswest.net>
Date: Fri Feb 27 22:53:46 1998

Well, with all these wanted lists, I can't be left out... Here's what I need:
Apollo stuff, specifically manuals and a set of Domain/OS 10.4.1 tapes
3C505 ethernet card for my Apollo(I'll trade my DomainRing network card for
it! ;-)
AS/400 or S/3x stuff(bigger stuff only if in PDX area)
Series/1 attachment cards and manuals(4956-K00, and not the assembly
programming reference, I already have it, manuals for any S/1 OS, and of
course software either on 8" floppy or tape reels for 4968 drive)
Apple II cards, especially an EPROM programmer and mouse interface(or does
it just use a serial card? a matching mouse would be nice too)
And I don't have much I want to get rid of, but I have two 16-bit ISA
ethernet(BNC/AUI) cards, a Mac II video card(16 colors, 256 if you upgrade
the RAM chips), two MCA ethernet(BNC/AUI, I think one of the cards might be
broken) cards for IBM PS/2 computers, and a DCA 3270 NuBus card for the Mac
II series, and of course my Domain Ring (Apollo's version of Token Ring, I
think 12Mb/s) card.

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