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From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <gram_at_cnct.com>
Date: Fri Jan 2 21:38:41 1998

Zeus334 wrote:

> Er....one question here. I've tried Linux many times, as well as Minix. From
> all of my attempts, I have come to the following conclusion: Linux is not for
> doing USEFUL things. The express purpose of Linux is to provide something for
> people to recompile. After all, you HAVEN'T seen people doing something on
> Linux besides recompiling the kernel and configuring TCP/IP stacks, HAVE YOU?

'scuse me son, but this AST system I use for day-to-day stuff is
only allowed to boot Microslough on the (rare) occasions I feel
like playing a game. Otherwise it (this week) is normally running
Caldera OpenLinux with the RedHat CDE and Netscape 4.03 to talk to
the world through a DIP/Slirp connection to my ISP. Correct, I've
recompiled the kernel, to leave out a bunch of device drivers I
didn't need and to add (as modules) a few that come in handy --
like the one that runs my Zip drive. It may seem strange to a
Windows user, but vi is my main editor (fifteen years now), because
I don't care for the unnecessary 90% of the features in modern word
processors -- I edit, then I set things up for output later, without
the distraction of all of the crap at the top of the screen with
MS Word in _any_ release since Word for DOS 1.0.

And I use that same vi editor on my AT&T 7300, my Tandy 6000 and
(courtesy of MKS) on all of my DOS boxen. Oh, and on my Sun and on
my OS-9 Level II Color Computer III (under the name TRS-Edit) and
probably one or two other machines out of sight elsewhere in the

For those interested, the MKS toolkit for MS-DOS worked from day one
on the Tandy 2000 with its 80186. And while I haven't tested it
myself, I am told by a reliable source that it runs on the DEC
Rainbow under MS-DOS.
Ward Griffiths
Two thousand yeare since Bethlehem and still we hear the lie,
that after years of hopes and fears the best part's when we die.
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