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> >get all those pretty colors... (Thank goodness *somebody*'s coloring all
> >those boring old black and white movies! 8^)
> They used to do that with older games that were originally in 4-color CGA,
> going back and redoing them in VGA 256 color. Just a few though. Space Quest
> springs to mind...

Hee hee...I just got space quest collection series for christmas.
Yup, that was there are 2 types of original sq1 and sq1 vga
versions. But remember, this first one did not have sound built in
and the sound blaster card did not exist at that time!

I enjoy playing these type of games.

Oh, coloring those b/w shows and movies ruined it because quality and
appearance looked offish to me. The original NTSC b/w is what is
original format designed for TV's in old days and it looked better
due to greater bandwith. Color info crowds out the actual video at
expense of detail. Again 525 lines in NTSC standard is not enough
for color but remember that was very acceptable and superb for b/w

To prove this, my brother is pretty good hobby photographer
preferring b/w and we're stunned by how much detail and "seems
sharper" in those photos. Even finest color photos through created
with thousands of dollars worth of equipment did not equal to this


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