Frank Knows his stuff was Re: What is this HP 9000/220?

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Date: Fri Jan 2 22:28:40 1998

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<< Why do I know about Series 500s? In 1989 I took a job at a little
 company called The Wollongong Group, supporting a product for the HP
 3000 called WIN/TCP for MPE/V. Little did I know, they also had a
 product for the HP 9000 Series 500s called, straightforwardly enough,
 WIN/TCP for HP 9000 Series 500. They expected me to support that too
 -- after all it's all HP stuff, it's all weird/how different can it
 be? (yep, that's how they thought) -- so I did.

Oh cool. from 89-92, I managed 2 500's, a 540 and a 560. I don't remember
the exact differences between the two. but, they were great. we had the
wollongong software on them.

my favorite was the 400 Mb had disk that looked and sounded like a dishwasher.

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