WTT: MITS Altair 8800 for DEC PDP-8

From: William Donzelli <william_at_ans.net>
Date: Fri Jan 2 23:40:49 1998

> Well dernit =-) I just worked out a deal so that I'll be retrieving
> *3* PDP-8/Is in the next two weeks, weather permitting. Yes, that's
> right...*3* of them. =-)

Three more saved from the brink...

> Also a Linc, which I'm ashamed to
> admit I'm much less familiar with though I have seen mention of it on
> some of the other web pages. (I'll be researching that!)

A LINC!!???!?!?!

If it is an honest to goodness original LINC (made by DEC or someone
else), get that before the PDP-8/Is! They are incredibly rare. A bit later
DEC merged a LINC with a Straight-8 to make a LINC-8, also a very rare
machine (I know of three survivors of a little over a hundred made, all
around 1967). Those in turn begat the PDP-12s, esentially PDP-8/Is merged
with LINCs.

Or it could be a LINC that is something completely different...

Keep us informed!

William Donzelli
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