Frank Knows his stuff Now HP Integral PC

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Sat Jan 3 12:42:53 1998

Joe <> wrote:
> Yeap, it plugs into the socket under the panel on the back. I have one
> Tech BASIC ROM, also have TWO! System Engineering ROMs (Unix in a ROM) and
> even have a Service ROM. I also have Tech BASIC on disk. Now you just need
> to find an Integral!

Very cool! Where did you find those ROMs?

I have an Integral, but it's ROM just has the HP-UX kernel and PAM --
just enough to boot and run things. So I have /usr/bin (Unix
utilities, C compiler, &c) on a 9134 for when I actually want to do
something with it.

Back when they were new I looked at buying one, and that seemed to be
how you were expected to do things: if you actually wanted to wrangle
code in C you needed the hard disk. Kind of made me wonder why they
made it portable. Also I could never get a straight answer on whether
the HP terminal windows were capable of block-mode (like I needed to
talk to the 3000).

> BTW I found a HP 7912 at a surplus store. It's about 18" wide and 2 foot
> deep and three foot tall. I *think* it's a 600+ Meg hard drive with a
> built-in tape drive. Do you know for sure? I need a couple of external
> hard drives if you know where I can find one. I'd rather have something
> like a 9133, 7959 etc instead of a monster like the 7912!

7912...I'm rusty on these, but it's nowhere near 600MB. I'm thinking
more like 60 or 130MB.

-Frank McConnell
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