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Date: Sat Jan 3 20:13:54 1998

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>Joe <> wrote:
>> Yeap, it plugs into the socket under the panel on the back. I have one
>> Tech BASIC ROM, also have TWO! System Engineering ROMs (Unix in a ROM) and
>> even have a Service ROM. I also have Tech BASIC on disk. Now you just need
>> to find an Integral!
>Very cool! Where did you find those ROMs?

   I was looking for a memory board and put some ads on the net. One guy
responded and said that he had a complete system. He had bought it new and
only used it for a short time before realizing that the whole world was
going to the IBM PC ( ca 1985). He put it all away and didn't get it out
again till I bought it. He wasn't kidding that it was complete. I got every
package of software that HP sold for it, all of the service manuals (four
different ones!), the service ROM, BASIC ROM, two SE ROMs, RS-232 board,
9133, memory boards, etc. Turns out that one of his friends worked for HP
when HP quit supporting the IPC and he grabbed a lot of stuff that HP was
going to throw out. The seals on the boxes had never been broken on most of
the stuff.

    A guy here in town has a IPC that his company bought for him YEARS ago
and he was traveling all over the world building hydro-electric dams. He
gave me his old travel case for the IPC. I didn't even know that they made
one. You wouldn't believe some of the places his IPC has been to! He took
it into places where they had never even seen an electric light bulb!
>I have an Integral, but it's ROM just has the HP-UX kernel and PAM --
>just enough to boot and run things. So I have /usr/bin (Unix
>utilities, C compiler, &c) on a 9134 for when I actually want to do
>something with it.
>Back when they were new I looked at buying one, and that seemed to be
>how you were expected to do things: if you actually wanted to wrangle
>code in C you needed the hard disk. Kind of made me wonder why they
>made it portable.

  At least it didn't require a 7912 !!! I found the 7912 specs in a
catalog. It's 65 Megs and the size of a small washing machine! BTW I have
HP 2602 printer that would go real well with YOUR IPC. Make you a helluva
deal on it.

 Also I could never get a straight answer on whether
>the HP terminal windows were capable of block-mode (like I needed to
>talk to the 3000).

   I'm pretty sure it does. HP was very big on block mode terminals. I have
HP Term if you need it.

>> BTW I found a HP 7912 at a surplus store. It's about 18" wide and 2 foot
>> deep and three foot tall. I *think* it's a 600+ Meg hard drive with a
>> built-in tape drive. Do you know for sure? I need a couple of external
>> hard drives if you know where I can find one. I'd rather have something
>> like a 9133, 7959 etc instead of a monster like the 7912!
>7912...I'm rusty on these, but it's nowhere near 600MB. I'm thinking
>more like 60 or 130MB.

   It's 65! I should get it and tear it down just to figure out why it has
so little capacity to be so big!
>-Frank McConnell

   BTW I'm building a website. I'm putting the IPC on tonight, should be
up shortly. It should be at

   ALSO I have instructions on how to upgrade the IPC 256K mem boards to 1
Meg if you want them.

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