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Date: Sun Jan 4 08:25:47 1998

Hi Roger!

The terrific discussion of legealese stuff and s/w ownship, I'm now
starting to buy s/w now that I know why and I have now resisted more
and more to copying requests, telling them to buy theirs or buy used
s/w. Good info you have there.

> [[Oh, John: I found a monitor for my DVI -- an Apple III mono monitor I
> saved from a thrift store that a child was coloring on (yes, with crayons
> -- I still haven't gotten all the wax out of the anti-glare screen) but I
> still don't have a Tandy 200 boot disk for it yet... Sigh]]

Hee hee, would startle me to see scribbles on face of the monitors
because wasn't used to seeing like that. :) Why not take the tube
out (Gently!) to free that anti-glare mesh and clean up everything
with strong cleaning alcohol? It will dissolve the wax. What's DVI?

Jaosn D.
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