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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Jan 4 13:57:10 1998

>One does sell outdated software for (well, usually) a smaller than normal
>fee. Tandy. They still sell software that runs on the original CoCo1 like
>Mega-bug and the like on cassette and disk for as low as $2.50 or so. They
>still have a small amount of cartridge software for sale!

Here is a stupid CoCo question, how does one go about buying this software
from them? I'm assuming the typical Tandy Sales drone will go, "Huh, nope,
we don't have any such product" (note this is just an assumption on my
part, I've been dealing with to many idiot computer salespeople lately).

So far all my hunting for Tandy stuff has resulted in a CoCo, a CoCo2 and a
grand total of two cartridges (found separate from the computers). I do
have a cassette deck and cable, but only because I bought them new for use
with my WP-2 a few years back when Tandy discontinued them.


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