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From: Peter Joules <pjoules_at_enterprise.net>
Date: Sun Jan 4 13:52:58 1998

Allison J Parent wrote:
> I have the 11/23 or 11/73 to pick from (with 30meg of disk).
> I have a pdp11 C compiler (decus C) running under RT-11.
> I can copy elks sources to the 11
> ELKS is only an embedded kernel. Oops.
If you download the latest elks kernel source - 0.0.67 at the moment but
0.0.68 is due out anytime, along with elkscmd.tar.gz you will have an
almost complete Linux subset for the 8086 with which you can then work.
The acronym ELKS is 'Embeddable Linux Kernel Subset' but the project is,
at present, to develop a workable linus for the 8086/8 processors
capable of running on a minimum of a twin 360k floppy system with 512k.

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