Linux???? is it real

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Date: Sun Jan 4 19:15:40 1998

> <1. 386 or 486 box with AMI (American Megatrends) BIOS. I've had some
> Exactly a AMI 386 is what I have.
Shrugs, and good to see you do have that 128k cache. What about

> <2. RAM is relatively unimportant BUT if you do not have more than 4 me
> <you will need to go through a procedure to turn on your swap space BEFO
> <running the install or it will crash and die.
> 8meg of ram
Not bad!

snip snip snip!

> I'm not getting stackdumps. I'm getting all mannor of boot errors
> related to the filesystem mountability or RW/RO status.
Looks like something on your hd subsystem not being configured right.
Especially jumpers? That is why I demand manuals to go with 'em if
the price is expensive on rare or hard to get used parts.
My advice: Motherboards, some cards always get the manuals, because
usually once in a while caught mistakes there by former users. If
not, deal is dead.

Snip snip...!
> CDrom is not installed, if it were it's a phillips cm205 (unsupported)
> and not IDE-atapi. the CDrom is in another box (486powered) and the
> floppies were made from there.

I think linux supports this one, CM 206? Cheaper to dig up both
panasonic 2x with it's controller card or the mitsumi 1x or 2x with
controller. I've of both done successfully.

> Humm sa400? I may have one in the pile fairly unused.
Ouch... :)
> The problem is nothing works as advertized for a vanilla install.
Hee hee... I have always get problems and we always figure out or fix
all the problems. Successful on first cut is rare unless one
collects all the hardware that met the listed requirements and know
the all the dma, i/o and irq addresses with careful planning of all
things to prevent conflicts.
> This box is as vanilla as they come.
> AMI 386DX/33, 128k cache, 8mb ram, connor 420mb IDE, 3.5" 1.44 floppy,
> serial mouse on com1: modem at com2:, DECPA(DE100) NI, TRIDENT 512k
> SVGA. Runs dos/win3.1 real well(just to prove the hardware works).
The chipset # of this Trident? It's supported btw but not exactly
barn-burner frame buffer performance. Tseng ET4k chips also
supported but very fast unless X acceleration then you would want
one that has ET4k/w32i if you're still on ISA bus.

> It's taken a year to scrounge up all the parts to create this system.
Wow! Suggest: net queries on individual or some parts in batch will
make things go faster and inexpensively.
> Allison
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