Linux???? is it real

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Jan 5 00:22:18 1998

>PS: Sheesh the FreeBSD people are always jumping around saying, "Can't
>get Linux to work? Try FreeBSD!"
>Linux only has a few stable kernels and Slackware uses them.

Heh, you know my answer for the BSD people, which BSD? Let's see; FreeBSD,
OpenBSD, NetBSD, 386BSD, BSD/OS, BSD Lite, I don't know what else is there.
Personally I've got a Hard Drive with OPENSTEP, that's the only BSD system
I'm currently running. At least Linux development is pretty much
controlled chaos, BSD on the other had seems to be to simply be chaos.
Yes, I know that there are quite a few different Linux distributions, but
they all run the same kernal and to a great extent the same software.

Linux has two types of kernals, production and development. If you want
stable use production, if you want "Bleeding Edge" use development. My
Linux fileserver has been running for over 15 months with the same software
install, without a crash.

Seriously the question you need to ask yourself when deciding which to use
is if you want a UNIX System V based system, or a BSD 4.3/4.4 based system.
If you want SysV go with Linux, if you want BSD then chose your poison,
personally I'd recommend FreeBSD for the Intel architecture, OpenBSD for
anything else.

Realistically the two are basically the same, on the topic of documentation
is about the only real difference. You can find a ton of books specific to
Linux, as far as I know the only BSD 4.4 specific books are the Berkley
docs that Linux printed.

I find OpenBSD of intrest because it's purpose is to be multiplatform,
however, I think the total USENET traffic for it is less than

I've got to agree with the comment that Linux is great for running
emulators. I'm still looking for a PDP-11 of my own, but in the mean time
I can play with the PDP-11 emulator under Linux and run stuff like RT-11 or
Version 5 UNIX.


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