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Date: Mon Jan 5 21:39:10 1998

OK... I've got a Cyrix 200, so give me your games. ;-) (Implying that you
give me the listences, without them "installed" on any other machine) Or,
if you've got some sharware....
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To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
Date: Monday, January 05, 1998 9:08 PM
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>At 08:48 AM 1/5/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>Two, that today's computers run old software too quickly - that doesn't
>>sound like archaic software to me, if it's running directly on today's
>>machines and OSes.
>Try loading up Buck Rogers and the Planet of Zoom! on a Cyrix 200 and see
>how well it plays. Same goes for Frogger. :) They run blindingly fast,
>making them utterly worthless unless you use one of those slowdown utils,
>but most of those only run right on 486s.
> Three, that ancient games don't "hurt" today's
>>software market. Doing what?
>Doing what? Being available for "free" (illegally) out there for people to
>get to them. The fact that people are still playing them doesn't affect
>today's game market at all. It's a whole different ballpark out there these
>>so ... so, you say they should give up on them? A tenth of something is
>>still something.
>But repackaging the games and shipping them would up the price to at least
>$10.00 a piece, and you would have to come up with a cheap way to make sure
>the games ran at original speed on all systems, another few bucks for R&D
>right there, so you'll probably end up spending $50.00 for a compilation CD
>with maybe 10 games on it, and nothing else. (Can you say "Roberta Williams
>Sierra Compilation"?)
>Why not release the games as shareware, with no set ammount defined? People
>could pay what the game is worth to them. I think Maxis did that with the
>original SimCity.
>>Don't get me wrong and think I'm just flaming you... I agree, I wish
>Oh, not at all. I expected alot more flak from people when I started this
>thread, but was suprised at how well the members of the list are taking it.
>(so far)
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