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From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Mon Jan 5 23:44:06 1998

Tony said:

> If anyone has this spec, I'll consider building this interface.


  I have some specs. if it's not enough I'll get the rest by hook or crook!
 I could use a hard drive in my Integrals!


At 02:53 AM 1/6/98 +0000, you wrote:
>> Okay, so since I'd love to have one, let me ask this in advance: Has
>> come up with an HP-IB (IEEE-488?) to SCSI or IDE adapter? It would be
>> to tack a little 3.5" (or even 2.5") hard drive on the side. Thanks!
>This gets discussed by PERQ-fanatics from time to time (PERQs use strange
>hard drives - SA4000s, Micropolis 1200s, ST506 interface things that are
>no longer available). I've got a few schematics sort-of sketched out
>(microcontroller + buffer RAM + ROM + GPIB chip + SCSI chip, for example
>(or maybe I'd bit-bang the interfaces using parallel port chips).), but
>I've not figured out how to write the control software yet.
>In fact what's really holding me back is that I don't have a
>specification of the CS/80 or amigo command sets (the commands that HP
>used for their drives, and which are sort-of a de-facto standard). If
>anyone has this spec, I'll consider building this interface.
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