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From: Scott McLauchlan <scott_at_isd.canberra.edu.au>
Date: Mon Jan 5 21:52:54 1998

At 21:25 5/01/98 -0600, Anthony Clifton wrote:

>> Anything other than 486+
>> get's melted down for scrap? I'm sorry, but that includes A LOT of systems
>> that there are a lot of people that would love to have them.
>You guys know that I agree with your sentiment 100%. That said, I'd
>rather see the systems melted down for scrap (assuming it's a reasonably
>efficient and environmentally safe process) than to see them go into a
>landfill. I can't imagine how many beautiful systems are rusting away
>under 3 million tons of garbage someplace. I don't want to see them
>scrapped either, mind you, but given the choice....

Actually, here in Canberra (which is the capital of Australia, *not* Sydney
or Melbourne (off topic, but one of my pet peeves, sorry)), I'd much prefer
they go to landfill. You see, at our local landfills there is a company
called Revolve that has scavenging rights, and rescues all this stuff.
I've picked up a Tandy CoCo 3 with box, manuals and some software, a
Commodore 64 with Datasette, music keyboard overlay, manuals, software and
box, a Commodore 128, a Commodore 1541-II and 1571 floppy drive,a BBC Model
B with floppy drive, an Atari 1024STfm with monitor, a Amstrad CPC464 with
monitor and an Apple IIe with disk drive, all for about $5 to $10 each.
All of them except the Atari ST worked fine at first switch-on (the ST
still doesn't work - I suspect a memory fault). I also managed to pick up
four Vectrex cartridges for $2. It's now got to the point that people
often drop their stuff off directly at Revolve rather than dumping it at
the landfill (especially now the local government has instituted a fee to
dump stuff at the landfill).

Of course, the only problem is that since all the stuff is stored outside
you have to get to it before the rain hits...


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