Linux???? is it real

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Date: Mon Jan 5 19:21:07 1998

> When I tried Linux for the first time, I got all sorts of strange
> problems - fdisk would ignore the keyboard - sometimes, I'd get odd
> output, etc. It turned out (after a lot of looking at schematics, then at
> the logic analyser, then at the schematic again) that my memory board had
> a subtle timing problem (caused, in part, by the fact that it was a
> 2-sided board with no ground plane, and the ground was bouncing all over
> the place). MS-DOS programs (even ones that used extended memory) never
> noticed this. Memory diagnostics, left running overnight, never found it.
> But Linux did. So check your memory...
> Also, Linux sometimes uses hardware in ways that MS-DOS doesn't. I've had
> a cheap clone keyboard fail to work with Linux as it didn't correctly
> implement a couple of the commands in the IBM Techref. I doubt this is
> the problem, thought.
> -tony

See? Many generics unless it's decent ones for a generics is not
worth the trouble most of time. I wonder if you could just make
another memory board with fewer memory chips to keep things shorter
and compact? Good ones I would think of is 256K x 16bit DRAM's,
still available for about 7 cdn each. And downright quick at 70 to

Jason D.
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