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Date: Mon Jan 5 19:52:19 1998

Eyes glazes over thinking what it looks like 1k years later in
landfills. Badly yellowed board and plastic, crumbling at a touch,
all traces gone, thin parts eaten away, thick layer rust covering
seized up drives, riddled with rustout holes in cases, blackened
glass. Hard and darkened as soapstone that once was solder joints.
Mass of green strings with bits of faded colored platic material
hanging on in rags was former wires. Some crushed byond
understanding, holding up a part, "what this?" And there's the
thing,...ow! bitten by still charged tube! :) lots of rotted,
more-less bodies of chips with legs all eaten away rattling around...


I have seen the plastic rot (dulling on the plastic chips), anyone
have seen this?

Jason D.

> Within a century or so, archeologists will be going through the
> landfills where something might be salvageable. Something melted
> down and made into into a (kind to the earth) candleholder isn't.
> Q: How many evironmentalists does it take to replace a light bulb?
> A: None. Darkness is part of nature.
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> Ward Griffiths
> Dylan: How many years must some people exist,
> before they're allowed to be free?
> WDG3rd: If they "must" exist until they're "allowed",
> they'll never be free.
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