Wtd: ESDI 3.5" hd + hd ?'s

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Tue Jan 6 00:51:44 1998

>> Some of the models of the Atari ST series had a port to connect ACSI hard
>> drives, in fact I think all of them except the Falcon had a port for this,
>> from what I understand it was pretty hidious.
>> Sounds simular to the HD's originally used on the Macintosh 128/512 that
>> connected to the external floppy contector (no idea what it was, probably
>> MFM).
>> Zane
>Spits out water! What? I have seen exactly like that, uses driver
>on an bootable mac disk to talk to that hd via serial port.
>ZZZZZZ.....what? program loading done? hummpth... once again
>Click, tap tap click to do someting...yawn!....
>waiting form some thing to exhange stuff around between two. :)
>Better have Mac+ not that serial method! :)

Ack, an old Mac accessing the HD over serial? That's even uglier than what
I'm refering to, that sounds worse than going off of Floppies. The HD I'm
talking about is a 20Mb disk that connects through the floppy connecter and
as such the Mac can boot off of the HD. I'm possitive that it was intended
for the Mac 128 and 512 since the Mac Plus has SCSI, but the one time I've
had one it was attached to a Mac Plus. Unfortunatly I no longer have it, I
got it last year when I was putting together a pair of Mac Plus systems for
my cousins 18 month old twins (they really love those computer :^).


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