The IBM PS/2 model 70 again! -E61

From: Hotze <>
Date: Wed Jan 7 21:43:28 1998

Well, I've found a source of PS/2 parts/systems, but it'll cost. It's a
company. They seem to have tons of the stuff. Their URL is . The problem is that they list(ed) a Model 55SX as
$249, but that did include a monitor. Well, you could probably say that you
collect classics and that that price is way out of whack, but that might not
Tim D. Hotze
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> I have this model in my collection. i managed to get it for $25 but have
> been able to test it since mine came with a radius two page display card
> is useless without the monitor. i finally did get a 1bit video card for
> but now need to find a mono display for it which i still havent found! the
> is a 68030 running at 16mhz. a better deal would be the IIci model which
> 25mhz and built in video which can be used with a vga monitor if you use a
> special dongle.
I noticed after I surfed the net, and I do remember it had no video
card. BUMMER! If it was IIci, I would grab it.

> RE: ps2 models; I have 3 of them: two 8530 and a 9577. the model 77 i
> from work when they upgraded to pc300 desktops. two scsi adaptors, 16 meg,
> 400meg scsi drives running hpfs and os2 3.0. its an industrial strength
> machine, and will probably outlive any other computer i own.

David, how cheap did you gotten some of these parts through this
mail list? Model 77? I do not know this specs, kindly tell me what
about this? :)

My book does not list this Model 77.

Jason D.

> david.
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