The IBM PS/2 model 70 again! -E61

From: Olminkhof <>
Date: Thu Jan 8 03:59:31 1998

>Well, I've found a source of PS/2 parts/systems, but it'll cost. It's a
>company. They seem to have tons of the stuff. Their URL is
> . The problem is that they list(ed) a Model 55SX as
>$249, but that did include a monitor. Well, you could probably say that
>collect classics and that that price is way out of whack, but that might
>Tim D. Hotze

I suspect that here in Sydney, Australia the price of PS/2's is about to
tumble to insignificance. It seems a lot of corporations bought whole
networks of them in the early 90's and they are at the end of their
usefulness when they move away from DOS/Win3.1 I have recently seen model
70 boxes advertised for $A30 and actually acquired a model 76 box for $A70,
with 8Mb and 200Mb SCSI. (thats about $US20 and $US45)
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