C-64c, How common?

From: Cliff Gregory <cgregory_at_lrbcg.com>
Date: Thu Jan 8 06:14:51 1998

I have them all, i.e., 64, 64C, and a 64 in a 64C look alike case. Although
not as common as the classic 64, the 64C is not at all rare. I found a
complete one with a matching 1541C drive at a thrift the other day for $5.
Among the Commodore community the consensus is that although functionally
the same, some of the chips in the 64C had been upgraded (if I remember
correctly, specificly the sound chips among others), and it is therefore
more desirable than the standard 64.

Cliff Gregory
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>I have a C64c, although I haven't found them to be very common. This unit
>be for sell as well if anyone is looking for one. Also, I too found a C64
in a
>third party case that looked just like the c-64... and it also was made in
>Australia. I can get this for anyone that might want this unit as well. Let
>adam_at_merlin.net.au wrote:
>> >I'm starting to wonder about how common the C-64c is. I have yet to see
>> >one, I picked up the manuals when a favorite bookstore had a set a few
>> >months back. Then last weekend I was at the bookstore and they had like
>> >or 4 sets of manual. But like I said I've never seen an actual
>> I'm assuming you mean the different case design - over here (South
>> Australia) they seem to be as common as the old breadbox sort, but I
>> suspect that in numbers they are slightly less than the older designs. I
>> have three of them, and I only wanted the one. As far as I know there are
>> no functional changes, although Commodore had a history of working out
>> ways to make systems cheaper, so there may be a difference internally.
>> I did find one old C64 in a third-party case which looked very much like
>> the C64c, though. Interestingly enough it was made here - I would have
>> picked it up, but I shy away from collecting computers based on the
>> different cases, as there are too many to collect just based on the
>> different systems themselves, and space is limited.
>> Adam.
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