C-64c, How common?

From: Les Berry <lfb107_at_psu.edu>
Date: Thu Jan 8 11:12:12 1998

At 11:23 PM 8/8/97 -0700, Cord Coslor wrote:
>I have a C64c, although I haven't found them to be very common. This unit may
>be for sell as well if anyone is looking for one. Also, I too found a C64 in a
>third party case that looked just like the c-64... and it also was made in
>Australia. I can get this for anyone that might want this unit as well. Let me

I have heard that there were about 1 million of these produced with about
3 different subtle kinds made. (Different LED's, new vs old style keyboards,
etc.) Of course, compared to the 9+ million 64's produced I guess that means
that 64c's are *relatively* uncommon.

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