Seeking info on a PA63 unit

From: James Willing <>
Date: Thu Jan 8 20:01:02 1998

Ok, here's an odd one...

In a recent stack of items that I picked up, I came across a chassis with a
status indicator panel suggesting that it was some type of reader/punch
controller, and an id tag reading "Model PA63".

It is obviously a DEC unit, but I've never seen any information on such a
thing that I can recall.

A more or less DEC standard looking wire wrapped backplane, standard 19
inch chassis about 6 inchec tall, and three fans. No power supply, but a
large cable off of the backplane that looks like it was intended to connect
to an external supply.

Status displays for reader and punch data and status, and a reader and
punch 'unit select' display. I keep thinking that if it turns out to be
interesting, I might want to restore it and install it on one of my
systems. But, I'll need some info and a set of prints to make any headway.

Anyone familiar with this beast?


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