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From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Thu Jan 8 20:12:41 1998

At 07:47 PM 1/7/98 EST, you wrote:
>I like the IIcis. They're cute little things. Pretty fast, too. The only
The IIci is probably my favorite classic mac (other than the portable,
perhaps). Great case, compact and easy to work on. Built-in video too.

>years. They have two problems. One is that the monitors power up
>intermittently, probably due to the transformer. Ideas? The other is the disk
The monitor is separate, kinda irrelevant to the CPU. If the monitor is
bad, just get a new monitor. (they can, as someone mentioned, run a VGA
monitor with the right adapter.)

>drives. They were all blown out with compressed air, but still didn't start
>working correctly. Ideas?
I assume you mean the floppy drives. Again, they can be replaced, although
mac floppy drives aren't cheap. Depending on your exact situation, you can
often get away without a working floppy. (If you mean the hard drive,
that's even easier; it's a standard 3.5" scsi drive.)

The IIci can run a CD-ROM drive, connect to the internet, and do just about
anything you'd like. Rachel's got 3 (I think) of them in her classroom,
plus one at home (her first computer, now her niece's).

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