Mac IIci, was [Re: The IBM PS/2 model 70 again! -E61]

From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Thu Jan 8 20:12:45 1998

At 08:20 PM 1/7/98 +0000, you wrote:
>I agree. I just finished looking at the info as provided by apple's
>site. So I will leave this IIcx alone. I thought of putting linux
>on that when linux version get to full version release for that 68k
A IIcx for C$25 isn't that bad, assuming it has a decent size hard drive
(80mb+) and some ram (4mb+). If it comes with a keyboard and mouse as well,
and/or video card, you're doing pretty good. I would definitely pick one up
at that price for Rachel's classroom. (The IIci is a little nicer, but a
IIcx is very acceptable.)

Note, if anyone (especially in the SF bay area) comes across mac stuff cheap
that they're not interested in (especially monitors!) I'm always looking to
get more computers into her classroom. (In case I haven't mentioned her
before, my girlfriend (Rachel) is a 1st grade teacher in Daly City. We've
put 10 or 11 macs in her school (8 in her class) so far, mostly based on my
scrounging (or buying) parts and refurbing them.)

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