Big "B", update

From: Hans B Pufal <>
Date: Fri Jan 9 05:55:37 1998

William Donzelli wrote:
> Does anyone on this list have any sort of data on Burroughs machines? I
> would like to get some sort of summary on the different models before
> taking any possible plunges into the "real big iron" world.

Actually B had a quite reasonable naming strategy :

        B xyzz e.g B 4720

        x was the architecture :
                1 "minicomputer", bit addressable memory

                2,3,4 COBOL oriented mainframe, decimal arithmetic

                5,6,7 Mainframe large systems, stack based 48
                        bit words

        y was the generation usually starting at 5 going to 9, again the
        larger the number the more powerful the system

        zz was the model number

In all cases the larger numbers indicate larger and more powerful

They also had the B700 B800 B900 series of minicomputers and the B80 and
B90 micro computer series.

This description is quite rough and ready, but the numbering was quite
logical in its time.

Hope this helps, once you get a system name I can provide more

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