From: Richard W. Schauer <rws_at_ais.net>
Date: Fri Jan 9 02:22:11 1998

Since nobody else has translated this yet and posted it for the curious,
this is what it says (give or take; I haven't used Spanish in a while):

On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, Doug Coward wrote:

> I got this email today ( I think it's classic computer related), but
> I can't read Spanish. Can anyone help this person?
> From: arco <arco_at_sta.es>
> Arco Electronica S.A. es una empresa española dedicada a la
> automatización de procesos industriales.
> Desde hace varios años estamos instalando terminales de ALTOS IV.
> Actualmente tenemos una delegación en BRASIL, pero no tenemos
> información si ustedes disponen de servicio técnico en Brasil.
> Rogamos nos indiquen si lo tienen, así como los servicios técnicos
> de Iberoamérica.
> Agradeciendo la atención prestada:
> Jose Manuel Soria Vázquez

Arco Electronics Inc. is a Spanish company dedicated to the automation of
industrial processes. For several years we have been installing ALTOS IV
terminals. Actually we have a subsidiary in Brazil, but we do not have
information on whether you arrange technical service in Brazil. We ask
that you tell us if you have it, like the technical services in Spanish
America. Thanking you for quick attention, Jose M. Soria V.

(Feel free to correct my translation)

Richard Schauer
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