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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Jan 10 00:41:33 1998

Ward Griffiths wrote:
>Zane H. Healy wrote:
>> >OK, here's my question: would I, as a "power user" have any non-
>> >romantic/nostalgic/etc. use for such a machine?
>> Unless you are collecting Cray's I don't think anything on this list is of
>> use to a "Power User". It's a piece of history that should be preserved,
>> and would be fun to tinker with. What more do you need?
>There's some TRS-80 and maybe Apple users around here that might
>consider theirselves power users when they can do in under 64k what
>a PC type can't consider until he's bloated his system to at least
>640K (or lately, 32Mb). And I suspect that anytime Allison has even
>4K at hand, she kicks some butt.

I stand corrected :^) What can I say, I am operating under the assumption
that from the way he wrote it the original poster is using "power user" to
mean someone with the latest in IBM PC clone hardware running the travisty
known as Windows95.

Oh, and of late it seems to be more like 64Mb is the minimum to do anything
with a PC suffering the Winbloat. I totally agree that these can't handle
stuff that any decently configured computer with less than 64k could do.
Look at how fast a CP/M system can be up and running Wordstar, compared to
a Win95 system running Word97.


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