IBM Rescue Needed -- New Mexico

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sat Jan 10 01:28:50 1998

        Heads up to any CLASSICCMP members in the Santa Fe area or nearby:
Found this on Usenet from a fellow looking to clear out a System/36.

        If you can help, please contact the original author directly. Best of

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From: (Rick Byrne)
Subject: Free IBM System/36 and Peripherals
Date: 9 Jan 1998 16:17:45 GMT
Organization: NMML
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My company needs the space and wants to give away an IBM System/36,
immediately! We need it out of here ASAP. Runs great! You haul.
is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Call Rick at 505-982-5573 or email:

The equipment is as follows:
        IBM System/36 Model 5360
        IBM 4234 Dot Band Printer
        6 IBM 3197 Color Workstations
        Motorola Codex 2205 Modem
        Dual Tape Backup by Fathom Technologies
        About 6 5250 Emulation Cards (Short Length)
Everything works great!

Bruce Lane, SysOp,
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