Portland Sale, got a PDP, etc.

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Sat Jan 10 21:54:47 1998

I got back from the Portland sale, pretty cool. Seems like most of the
people there were Hams, with some possible camara buffs. Most people
looking at the computers were interested in stuff for modern systems.
There were at least four other people there into the classics though.

I went a bit crazy, and ended up with the following:

        Rack 1: 2 RL02's and what appears to be the connections for terminals
        Rack 2: CPU, dual floppies (8" I think), those funny little tape
                I've heard mentioned, and a Battery Backup

I'm questioning the identity of these two, it's how they were labled, but
they don't have a DEC nameplate.
PDP-11/23: 8" disk and 20Mb HD
PDP-11/23: 5.25" disk and 20Mb HD

Kaypro II: I'm hoping the floppies are in good shape, I've really been
wanting to get one of these.

VAXstation 2000

S-100 bus cards: ~6 floppy controllers, ~1 I/O controller, a lot of RAM cards

Q-Bus cards: ESDI floppy controller (YES!!!), 2 8Mb RAM cards, a whole pile
that looked interesting and I honestly don't have any idea what they are.
I think at least a couple are for a MircoPDP-11, and I'm wondering if one
isn't a CPU for the MicroPDP-11. I'll probably have questions on what some
of these are later, thankfully a couple days ago I found a pretty good
Excel Spreadsheet on the net that will hopefully help me to identify them!

A shrinkwraped copy of CP/M for the Rainbow 100, one of the manuals and
another expansion unit for the Tek workstation I picked up a couple days
ago, and maybe one or two other minor items I can't think of now.

What can I say I'm pooped, I got my Dad to go, so I could use his Suburban,
but I didn't think about how little he can lift nowdays. If it wasn't for
Jim Willing, and the guy selling the stuff helping I don't think I'd have
gotten the Rack with the 11/40 CPU in the truck. Unfortunately we couldn't
figure out how to get the CPU out of the rack :^(

I've gotten everything except the 11/40 out of his truck, that's going to
have to wait. Unfortuntaly it's starting to snow, so it's probably going
to wait until next weekend.

No idea if anything works, I'm going to start playing tonite after I get
done taking a break.

As for the place having the sale, it was incredible, piles of old
computers, tons of S-100 bus cards and computers. O-Scopes, ham junk, old
camera equipment, etc., etc., etc. Of course to my thinking the prime
stuff was was the PDP-11/44 and the VAX 11/730, with those around it was
hard to see anything else. I'd have liked to get the VAX, but in all
honesty now that I've got the /44 I think I'll stick to MicroVaxes, they're
easier to move.

I passed up a couple of Bell & Howell Apples (the black ones), they were
trashed and didn't have the floppies, I'd have loved them for my Apple
collection, but they were to far gone. I really should have picked up a
VT220 or one of the other terminals that they had. They had a lot of
Televideo stuff, but I didn't recognize what it was.

BTW, what is a DEC Professional 350? I passed on both that and a Rainbow
or two (they had a huge stack of Rainbows, but no monitors or keyboards in
sight). I really want to go back, and would tomorrow I think, but the
weather is turning bad, and I'm supposed to be elsewhere :^(

Well, that's it for now, I want to start checking stuff out!


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