Portland Sale, got a PDP, etc.

From: R. Stricklin <red_at_bears.org>
Date: Sat Jan 10 22:13:44 1998

On Sat, 10 Jan 1998, Zane H. Healy wrote:

> PDP-11/44:
> Rack 1: 2 RL02's and what appears to be the connections for terminals
> Rack 2: CPU, dual floppies (8" I think), those funny little tape

That was you? I stood there for a minute, watching you as you were trying
to get the CPU box out of the rack and thinking, "Damn, just a little too
late." (:

> S-100 bus cards: ~6 floppy controllers, ~1 I/O controller, a lot of RAM cards

S-100 was before my time, and so I really don 't know much, but I
squirrelled away a SCSI card, Motorola 68k processor card, am '8 i/o'
card, a winchester controller, and a couple of cards with multiple Z80s
on in case I should hear from anybody here who wants them. They're marked
$5 each and I plan on going back down again tomorrow, this time with my
father, if anybody wants to holler at me to grab any of these cards.

> Q-Bus cards: ESDI floppy controller (YES!!!), 2 8Mb RAM cards, a whole pile

I skipped some with 50 pin headers, not knowing whether they were the
mythical SCSI cards some people here are anguishing over.. if someone
wants to send me some identifying mark to check for, I'll grab them.

> figure out how to get the CPU out of the rack :^(


> BTW, what is a DEC Professional 350? I passed on both that and a Rainbow
> or two (they had a huge stack of Rainbows, but no monitors or keyboards in
> sight). I really want to go back, and would tomorrow I think, but the
> weather is turning bad, and I'm supposed to be elsewhere :^(

I'd wondered about that myself. BTW, if you'd checked the stickers, you'd
have seen the Rainbows (had a Rainbow 100 Plus, too) included keyboards
and monitors for the $20 asking price.

All in all, the pricing was not outstanding one way or the other. Not low,
not exorbitant. What you might expect from someone trying to run a
more-or-less successful business.

I wish more of you all could have gotten to go. The stuff I was seeing was
great stuff, but stuff I only recognise by name. If I actually knew what I
was doing, I don't think I'd have hesitated to pick up a lot of the stuff
there, knowing someone would want it. It was that good. (:

Cromemco System 1, 2, and 3s, an Apollo DSP80, Vector 3s and 4s, one or
two Tek bits, logs of Xerox and Televideo stuff, several S100 systems, and
a 'Zorba CPM' (some sort of Kaypro clone, apparently). All was in good, if
not excellent physical condition.

When I go back tomorrow, I'm going to try to pick up the HP IPC, Kaypro
2000, and DG One I saw. (:


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