Portland Sale, got a PDP, etc.

From: Michael Fulbright <msf_at_redhat.com>
Date: Sat Jan 10 22:39:34 1998

On Sat, 10 Jan 1998, R. Stricklin (kjaeros) wrote:

> On Sat, 10 Jan 1998, Zane H. Healy wrote:
> > BTW, what is a DEC Professional 350? I passed on both that and a Rainbow
> > or two (they had a huge stack of Rainbows, but no monitors or keyboards in
> > sight). I really want to go back, and would tomorrow I think, but the
> > weather is turning bad, and I'm supposed to be elsewhere :^(
> I'd wondered about that myself. BTW, if you'd checked the stickers, you'd
> have seen the Rainbows (had a Rainbow 100 Plus, too) included keyboards
> and monitors for the $20 asking price.

I used on of these as a freshman in college 'way back' in 1985.
It was based on the PDP-11 architecture. I can't remember exactly
how it differed from, say, a PDP 11/34. I programmed both from
Fortran, and I recall messing with .OVL files or something to
get around the 64k text size. Oh man, that seems a long time ago.

BTW, I really want a PDP 11 myself. I figure all interesting things
in the history of computer were done on PDP 11's. As I understand
C, Unix, and even Bill Gates himself wrote Basic for the PDP 11.
I'm just overwhelmed by the size and what I would have to do to
keep it going. I'll stick to collecting 8 bit machines for now.

Anyone know where to get old Ohio Scientific machines?

Michael Fulbright
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