Need PDP processor card identified

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Jan 10 23:48:02 1998

Some how I don't think that the two PDP-11's that were supposed to be /23's
are, but at least they do appear to be PDP-11's. So my question is what is
a M9192? The list I have shows it as being a "DUAL HEIGHT CPU BRD", which
is "real" informative! According to the list I've got the 23's CPU's have
different numbers.

They both have 256KW of 18-bit memory. This brings up an interesting
question, how many bytes are there in in a Word when you're talking
PDP-11's? Since it's 18 my guess would be 2 with parity bits.

While I'm asking I've got some other cards that I can't identify, I think
that they're for PDP's and not VAX's. Does anyone recognize any of these,
or have a good place on the net for me to look?

SCD-RQD11/EC -- this one had 6 connectors for ribbon cables
M8059-KP -- I believe it's 64k, is it for PDP?
M3104 DHV11 -- It's got two ribbon connectors, by guess is it's for adding
other terminals. I seem to have a pair.
Distributed Logic Corp. DQ342 -- no idea, two ribbon connectors
Plessey P/N 70590-100A -- looks to be a RAM board


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