Hayes modem installation

From: shield_at_freenet.edmonton.ab.ca <(shield_at_freenet.edmonton.ab.ca)>
Date: Sun Jan 11 00:02:05 1998

I was wondering if anyone knew how to install a Hayes 9600 modem into
an XT (Ogivar Tech.). There are a MASSIVE 21 megs in the hard drive,
and a 5.25 " drive. This is just a learning computer for a friend
who will buy up if this one can work. I'm on a non-graphical internet
account and the XT has a program already loaded on it to dial out,
but the modem isn't being recognized. All I've done is physically put
it into the slot ( it fits perfectly inside) and I haven't touched any
switches or the autoexec.bat at all. I have no idea it those things
are what I'd need to do anyway. Could someone help me out? Keep the
information in English, not tech-ese, I'm still learning too!

Thank you!
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