Free System/36

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Date: Mon Jan 12 10:49:27 1998

> actually, what i meant by the power-user comment was a person who is
> not afraid to use a black-and-white command prompt if it can help
> him/her do something. So, would a System/36 be good for me?

If you don't mind learning OCL (the minicomputer version of JCL) and
typing all the // commands at the command line of a text only terminal
(probably green rather than black and white :-) ) then yes, give it a

But first find out what size it is. There were desktops (5364), desk
side (5362) and huge monsters (5360) plus some others (odd numbers)
(after my time). The 5360 had a version of my favourite diskette drive,
but I have spouted at length on this list about this in previous

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