Paperclip (Was: Re: Free IBM system 36)

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Date: Mon Jan 12 10:52:52 1998

> Speaking of paperclip... I may have found the ROMs for both Paperclip and
> Visicalc on the PET computers. Does anyone know what EPROM would fit the
> ROM sockets in a PET? I've tried crossing the numbers on the ROMs and
> can't learn anything. Does anyone have a schematic of a PET mainboard?

2732 on practically all PETs.

Early ones (ROM=6540) had no spare sockets

Early ones (ROM=2316) also had no spare sockets, but could take 2716
chips in place of the system ROMs

Late ones (Model = 8296) had some sockets that could take 28-pin 2764s,
but I think all the spare sockets were 24 pin for 2332 and 2732.


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