Lisa System Date

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Jan 13 00:40:51 1998

Kip Crosby wrote:
>Huh? You mean 1995 was the last year a Lisa's sysclock could register?
>How, i. e. from when and with what ticks, was the clock set up?

Yeah, pretty amazing isn't it. Now that's what I call planned obsolecence!
My Lisa 2/5 works great once I figured out in what order to turn everything
on. One slight problem the date will be wrong, the whole time I own it.

I don't know the technical reasons behind it, and I may be off +/- a year
in the 1995 bit. Really shocked me when I got it and started researching
the computer. Now I kind of consider it a cool little fact. Doesn't
really cause any problems, and I'm told none of the software will print out
reports with the wrong date because of it.


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