From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Jan 13 00:50:28 1998

>Well, the Gavilan is portable and it has no handles. IIRC the RDI Bright
>Lite (spelling could be wrong) is "portable" even though it has no handle.
>(It is not yet a classic. Actually, I believe that the Powerbook 190
>does not have a handle either). In fact a quick survey of the machines
>in the room:

On the more modern systems not having handles is a good thing. I've got a
"Twinhead Superlap 386sx" (made in 1990, not quite classic), which at one
point I'd loaned to my Mom. Seeing that it had a handle, she decided it
would be a good way to pick it up (something I'd never had the guts to
try). Thankfully she didn't get it over the floor before the handle snaped
and if fell back to the table. What really amazed me was she managed to
get a new handle out of Twinhead, and this was '93. Now I use the laptop
as a easy to store VT100 :^)

Let's face it, not everything is built like a Kaypro!


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