ISIS-II - what to do with it?

From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Jan 14 09:52:00 1998


  I'm also sending this to the classic computer mail list since several
people there have asked abou this stuff.

At 06:54 PM 1/13/98 -0500, you wrote:
> I found another guy that has an ISIS-II system, but it's centered on the
>MCS-48/51 series. I was really more curious as to what the thing was used

   I'm not sure, it's not in any of my Intel catalogs but I think it's
specificly for developing software and hardware for the 8048 CPU.

> The stuff that the guy has is extensive.

   Yes, Intel made lots of this stuff. At least two different Intellec CPU
units, several different ICE (In Circuit Emulators), several different disk
drive units, one or two different EPROM burners, additional memeory units,
a bread board unit and more. My OLD catalog shows 42 different hardware
pieces. AND they were a number of different assemblers and high level
programming languages available. They called it "Intellec". Most of the
units can be used with any Intellec system and for any target CPU.

  If you have any specific questions I will try to answer them.

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