Date: Wed Jan 14 08:50:33 1998

I own a grid laptop; a compass II 1129 to be exact. I got if from my brother
who claimed it came from some nasa engineer and the computer played some major
part in shape shuttle flight/development or whatever. mine works fine, and
even has some apps in some extra roms. it's not much of a portable machine
though because it still has to run on ac power. gotta love the bouncing balls
screen saver though!

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<< I used mine NASA-style sometimes: Velcro'd to any flat surface. Slight
 change of subject: Does anyone know exactly what the first laptop to
 accompany shuttle astronauts into space was? I hear it's the GRiD Compass
 1100. I had that very model up until last week when I traded for a GRiD
 1535exp w/docking tray.
 Speaking of GRiDs, any people out there collect them or am I alone? I've
 made GRiDs my collection specialty since they're small, tough and stackable.
 GRiDSPeC Page:
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