The IBM PS/2 model 70 again! -E61

Date: Wed Jan 14 16:00:43 1998

the best compact computer for this would be a PS/2E (9533) it doesnt apply to
this list because the announce date was ~1993 but its small, quiet (no fan),
and has 4 pcmcia card slots. even though its only a 486slc, its quite snappy.
i bought two for $30 and fixed them both.


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<< My main problem with PS/2's is cost and scarcity of MCA cards and memory
 What I'd really like to find is an *affordable* compact
 notebook/laptop/lunchbox with 1.5 (i.e., for a thick card) ISA expansion
 slots to use as my voicemail machine. I thought I had that in my Altima 2,
 but the *%$#_at_^% voicemail card has some components that stick out too far to
 fit. My current machine ('286 desktop + composite monitor) is too noisy and
 sucks up too much juice. (Oh, and battery power would be nice for when the
 fuse blows.) >>
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