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Date: Wed Jan 14 12:13:31 1998

> the best compact computer for this would be a PS/2E (9533) it doesnt apply to
> this list because the announce date was ~1993 but its small, quiet (no fan),
> and has 4 pcmcia card slots. even though its only a 486slc, its quite snappy.
> i bought two for $30 and fixed them both.

A quick questions: Is that one of the "first Green Energy pc
version" in a notebook sized tiny black box with a flat display
panel? Well, we got excited over it but it was so weird and that
weak 486SLC 33 cpu, I do have similar chip on a tiny motherboard by
cyrix and it's dreadful slow even in DOOM, I had to keep it under
half the size compared to my Luddite it did well one or two step
above half way size o/c'ed to 25mhz and 4-way 4k cache enabled. But
I did not remember this PS/2E cpu speed do you have the mhz speed?

To have it that costs you 30 bux each for only about 5 years old
thing, that is pretty lucky. What did you got with this pc in this
deal? Funny, this Luddite is LTE 386s/20 sold as discontiuned in
that '93 because you brought this year up reminded me. This notebook
was first announced around early '92 or late '91. This notebook is
still in use and sells around 100 to 200 with some s/w and stuff
thrown in.

Jason D.

> david
> In a message dated 98-01-14 13:44:22 EST, you write:
> << My main problem with PS/2's is cost and scarcity of MCA cards and memory
> and
> such.
> What I'd really like to find is an *affordable* compact
> notebook/laptop/lunchbox with 1.5 (i.e., for a thick card) ISA expansion
> slots to use as my voicemail machine. I thought I had that in my Altima 2,
> but the *%$#_at_^% voicemail card has some components that stick out too far to
> fit. My current machine ('286 desktop + composite monitor) is too noisy and
> sucks up too much juice. (Oh, and battery power would be nice for when the
> fuse blows.) >>
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