Recording data to a strand of wire? AND Upcoming PBS spec

From: Captain Napalm <>
Date: Wed Jan 14 19:44:43 1998

It was thus said that the Great Tim Shoppa once stated:
> Speaking of "huge reels", I recently got the chance to see an
> IMAX projection room. The projector is on a 20 foot "elevator" that
> moves the optics from loading position to projection
> position. The reels are amazing - the film was about
> 3 inches (70 mm?) wide, and the reels were about 3 feet in diameter. There
> was a hand truck for the projectionist to use when loading/unloading
> reels of film. I was quite impressed!

  When the IMAX theater in Ft. Lauderdale was upgraded (so it could show 3D
IMAX films) one wall of the building had to be removed so that the new
projector could be installed.

  -spc (Now, what this has to do with old computers, I'm not so sure ... )
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