Mac's & Good Karma

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Jan 14 19:57:28 1998

>> Is it me or does the SE/30 just radiate good karma? There's just something
>> about it that makes it incredibly pleasant to use, even when its being
>> grumpy (and mine's about as grumpy as they come).
>It's definitely a karma thing. I have a Performa 200, which is the
>SE/30's grandchild (sort of). I am definitely pre-disposed to
>upgrading it, and using it for 'interesting' stuff. I recently
>picked up a monochrome SCSI scanner for it at a thrift for $10.00!
>The computer can hold 10Mb of ram max, I think. I really like it.
>It just works (as long as I remember to plug the SCSI terminator in).

Ah, this is one of the two reasons I didn't replace my SE/30 with the
Colour Classic I got originally. The SE/30 can have a max of 32Mb of RAM,
mine has 17Mb. Also, I found out that despite the fact they've both got
68030/16 processors the SE/30 is significantly faster! What can I say, my
SE/30 is one of my favorite computers! I wouldn't mind haveing one of the
68040 upgrades, but for what I use it for, it doesn't even need it, it just
plain screams along (thanks in part to the proper choice of software).


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